25 Jun

Brian and I forgot it was our anniversary when we woke up this morning. Life sort of got in the way of remembering. We’d been out the night before at a San Jose Giants game. (They’re a Giants minor league team, and their stadium has the best churros in the world.) I woke up first, fed the baby, then put him in the bed between us and we lay playing with him for a while, until Brian had to get up to go to work. Then I had to get dressed for a morning doctor’s appointment. We talked, kissed the baby, kissed goodbye, and it wasn’t until I got to his work today to have lunch with him that I remembered to say “Happy Anniversary” to him.

But it doesn’t really matter, to either of us. I love that we began our anniversary in a quiet way, with our little family together, snuggling with our little one. Milestones have a way of zipping right by while you’re busy living.


One Response to “Anniversary”

  1. Marisol September 9, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    so true! I love those kind of mornings. I look at Rashelle and try to remember how she looked like when she was a baby and what her voice sounded like when she said mommy or when she attempted crawling. I wish I had recorded her so I can look back and see and hear her as a baby. I don’t take anything for granted with the boys now. My house may be a mess but I rather spend quality time with my children.



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