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Baby University

5 Jan

When you’re a baby, the world is one big university. Babies are little scholars, studying and learning a variety of subjects, such as:


Mateo gets an A in this subject!


Mateo shows a lot of promise in this subject.

Animal Care

Mateo is the Cat Whisperer

Oscar makes a good pillow.


That might be a little advanced for you, Mateo.


An "A" for effort


Mateo Has an Important Message for Everyone

29 Aug

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Five Things That It’s Tough to Convince a Six-Month Old of

19 Jul

1. Strained peas are the most delicious food you will ever eat.

2. Taking a nap really is in your own best interest.

3. Screaming is not the best method of communication.

4. Mom and Dad’s hands are not teething rings.

5. The kitty is not a teething ring.